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    Still more recently design of an apartment was accessible only to elites, and overwhelming majority of people were content with typical apartments, repair as at everything, and furniture as at neighbours.

    With increase of an economic level of country incomes and a question on good, qualitative repair any more have essentially raised does not cost. Even people with an average level of incomes presume to themselves professional designer. And most important, were practically unlimited opportunities in sphere of design. Technological progress is not necessary on a place, and set of new materials allow to make design of each separate customer unique and unique. There was a demand for services of designers and architects in private construction, and this demand at once has generated set of offers.

    The simple inhabitant, before bought wall-papers on modest taste at full absence of a choice, had a desire to entrust registration of inhabited space to professionals, there was a desire to give to habitation individuality and character. Creation of an alive interior - not for magazine and a portfolio, not for display of " cleanliness of style , is a teamwork of customer and designer, assuming full mutual understanding. designer should not only hear wishes of customer, but also feel about what it has not been told.

    Choosing designer or design-studio, it is necessary to see examples of works to understand, whether styles and directions in which firm more often works, approach your wishes. As it is necessary, that there was a sympathy in personal contact and trust therefore as in some moments it will be necessary to defer to completely taste and experience of designer.

    Work shares on some stages:

  • Development of concept of design
  • Development design-project
  • The equipment design
  • Architectural supervision The working costs in each case pay off individually, depending on area of projected object, complexity of work, a class of an interior.

    At a development cycle of concept customer tells wishes, as a rule, supporting with their illustrations from magazines for greater understanding as person unsophisticated not always has an opportunity precisely to formulate wishes "in words". designer, considering all aforesaid, develops some variants of concepts.

    The concept of an interior is an idea, image based on chosen style and character of habitation. These ideas move to customer in form of a preliminary lay-out with arrangement of furniture, executed in special programs on a computer. These programs allow is realistic enough to represent a possible interior of a premise.

    When one of offered variants of an interior is chosen, following stage - outline sketch or design-project begins.

    At given stage specifications on a lay-out are conducted, colour scores, appearance of ceilings, arrangement of sanitary equipment, a site of furniture, selection of finishing materials, arrangement of an electric equipment are developed. developed project is given to customer in form of plans, development, perspective images.

    After all moments are discussed and specified, it is possible to pass to equipment design. All available material moves in form of working documentation on which it is possible to conduct building and repair work. All drawings are carried out according to technical requirements - with instruction of sizes, sections and bindings. In working drawings and sheets trifles that it was possible to realize project without a constant finding of designer on object are considered absolutely all.

    Architectural supervision, as a rule, is paid separately. Its cost too pays off individually and depends on time spent for project, areas of object, etc. Supervision is spent that realization of works corresponded to a plan therefore as even on most exact drawings and visualization not always there is an opportunity to transfer all nuances. Regular supervision gives a guarantee of reception of that interior which has been conceived.

    So, having addressed to designer, you can essentially change an interior of premise in best party. However it is absolutely unessential to use foreign people. At presence of some feeling of style and imagination, you can quite develop design-project independently and even to lead some works as own hands. If you are not assured of yourselves invited designer will solve all technical questions for you. You will need to enjoy received result only.

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